This is a blog about Latin American classical music. In these pages I’ll be writing about this kind of music in its various manifestations, which includes, but is not limited to, its composition, its performance and its evaluation. I welcome diverse opinions and invite you to share your thoughts with our online community in an open and respectful way.

I’ve been studying Latin American classical music for nearly twenty-five years, and have focused much of my work on two areas: the relationship between immigrant Italian musicians and the development of classical music in the Andes; and the role of the oboe (my main instrument) in the classical music of Latin America. A little over three years ago, I founded a music publishing company, Cayambis Music Press, that specializes in Latin American chamber music. Today, our catalog includes a significant number of works for orchestra and even concert band, and recently, we opened a web store in Europe.

So, now worldwide, to those who share our passion for Latin American classical music, we hope you enjoy and benefit from our blog.