I’m glad to see you here!

With this post I am officially inaugurating a blog that has its purpose the appreciation of Latin American classical music in its various manifestations. In these pages, I want to explore this music not only as a tangible cultural artifact that can be objectively studied, but also the extent to which this repertoire is performed and its subjective influence on both performer and listener. More importantly, even for my own self I want to try to better understand how best to evaluate and assess the classical music of this region.

Why is this necessary? It seems clear to me that in today’s global environment Latin America seems so close, but yet its classical music (of which there is plenty) reveals many and diverse elements that can be difficult for us to understand. On the other hand, as our country becomes more culturally diverse I believe that this music is a language that we need to “speak” and comprehend more fluently.

However, although I have dedicated many years to studying this music, more than anything else I want this to be a space for different thoughts, ideas and opinions. So I have been starting to assemble a group of “foreign correspondents,” as it were, who will from time to time contribute blog posts from various capitals and other large cities in Latin America. But, even if unsolicited, do not hesitate to submit a post for publication here. All voices are welcome.

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